For over 15 years I worked as a web programmer. I worked on a very diverse set of projects. Back then I used to say that "I'd built every different kind of web site that there is." And at the time that was true, though no it's not. I have built over 10,000 web sites. Most of them are long gone. Most of the work I've done on existing sites has long been replaced by much needed upgrades and overhauls. For example I built the very first Microsoft Office website of roughly 15,000 pages. It was launched to coincide with the release of IE 2.0!

I am a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE). It's certification I got in order to teach PHP programming for PHP|Architect folks. I've also collaborated on a number of books about programming, now all seriously out of date.


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If you prefer, you can download my resume.


Cold Reading

One of my favorite topics/interests is "cold reading". If you don't know what it is, or you think you do (you don't), then I can't recommend it enough. If you interacting with other people, cold reading will be the most useful skill you can develop. At one point I even created a workshop to teach people how to cold read, and how to respond to a cold reading. I only offered it the one time. If you are smart, you'll get a hold of Ian Rowland and sign up for his class and buy his book.

How to Train a Man

Another favorite. This is a corpus with the intent of giving women the tools that they need to create and maintain the kind(s) of relationships that they want. I designed and lead a two day workshop for roughly two dozen women (per workshop). All of the information is based on behavioral psychology. I started converting the information into an online course, and ran a dozen women through it as a pilot. The online course didn't work. The information is good, the medium didn't engage. I recommend buying a copy of "Don't Shoot the Dog". It's the best book I've found (so far) about training. I've purchased about 25 copies and given them away. If I was the Pope, I'd make Karen Pryor a saint.


For some weird reason I decided to teach myself how to cook and become a chef. The best way to find out about me as a chef is to head over to the "Our Gourmet Life" web site. It's the only site I'm actively maintaining.


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